Top 3 Family Easter Fun 2019 – part II

Paint eggs and decorate an “Easter tree”

Wash and dry organic eggs (some break in the process, so make extras). Pierce both ends of the egg with a large needle – wiggle the needle to make a bigger hole at one end. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow into the larger whole to get the egg white and yolk out of the shell and into the bowl. Start painting the eggs and put them on wooden roasting spits e.l. to dry. Cut some fresh spring branches from outside and put them in water. When the painted eggs are dry, you can add a string so they can hang. Decorate your “Easter tree” with the eggs.

Keep the painted eggs in an egg tray when easter is done and they will keep for years and years. Here is a great guide to egg painting Mommys bundle easter egg

Let the painting begin!