copenhagen family-friendly cafes

breastfeeding and changing in Copenhagen – yes you can!

Copenhagen (and all of Denmark, for that matter) welcome breastfeeding in public. And if you feel more comfortable breastfeeding in private, Copenhagen gives you many cosy, mid-city locations. We recommend the Baby Lounge at Fisketorvet, the fifth floor at Magasin, Rasmus Klump Area in Tivoli and Mælkebaren in Illum. There are also cafés in Copenhagen that specifically welcome breastfeeding and families with small children. Because we love kids and want to open up the cities to families, we have made a guide for you here.

family- and breastfeeding friendly cafes

the Laundromat Café

the Laundromat Café has three locations in different parts of the city: Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Østerbro. As the name implies, the Laundromat cafés do in fact have washers and dryers inside the café. This means that you can do your laundry while sipping a cup of coffee, and watching your kids play. There are changing tables in the bathrooms, a play area with interesting toys, because – in their own words – the Laundromat loves “both breasts and babies”. The employees speak English, and they make great family-friendly food.

Café Sonja

Café Sonja in Vesterbro has a family room that welcomes all. They welcome breastfeeding and have changing facilities available. If your little one is sleeping soundly in the stroller or pram, you can park your baby so it is visible from the café window – just like the Danes do.

Café Alma

Café Alma at Islands Brygge loves children and mommies alike. They welcome breastfeeding and just about anything that comes with having kids in your life. Cafe Alma offers you high chairs and they also have a changing table.


the MakkeKafé café is situated near the National Museum on Nybrogade. The café features soft recycled sofas and tempting cakes by owner and pastry chef Giulia Fadini. There is room for a stroller outside, and there is a changing table in the bathroom

Bryggens Spisehus at Kulturhuset

the eatery Bryggens Spisehus at Kulturhuset has plenty of space and a panoramic view over the water. This means that you can easily see your strollers, buggy or pram from the window if you park your sleeping baby outside – Danish style. This eatery has high chairs, a changing room and even a sofa so that you can breastfeed in softer surroundings if you prefer.

café Sweet Surrender

families enjoy café Sweet Surrender because of their relaxed atmosphere that invites families to take a break, play and eat together as a family. The café offers a play corner, toys, lots of smiles, and of course yummy food. Breastfeeding is welcome in cafe Sweet Surrender, and they have highchairs available. The cafe has a changing table, and because they are just that family-friendly, they let your purchase diapers at the counter.