copenhagen public transport for families

public transport with kids in Copenhagen

public transport, the Copenhagen Metro, buses and trains are especially mindful of their tiny passengers. Here is your guide to getting around Copenhagen with kids, strollers, buggies and prams.

stroller-friendly Copenhagen

All Copenhagen Metro and S-train stations have elevators to spare tiny legs and stroller wheels. And when you get on a Copenhagen bus, you will find a family-friendly priority space for up to two strollers or prams. The Metro welcomes you to bring your stroller and park it wherever there is room. Just stay make sure it doesn’t block the doors. The S-trains have a cycle-icon on the doors to the carriage where strollers, prams, buggies, wheelchairs and cycles are allowed.

tickets for bus and train in Copenhagen

it is possible to buy bus tickets for kids and adults with coins and notes directly from the bus driver. Please note, note that any adult with a valid ticket can bring two kids under the age of 12 years free of charge. If your family wishes to use the Metro and S-trains, however, you must buy your tickets before getting on. If you and your kids need a ticket to Copenhagen public transportation for more than a few hours, there are three options. You can opt for the “city pass” or the ”24-hour ticket” or the “Copenhagen Card”, which give your family access to the entire greater Copenhagen area. The “Copenhagen Card” also gives you discounts for Copenhagen museums and other kid-friendly attractions.

lock the wheels of the stroller and face it forward

whether you and your kids travel by S-train, Metro or bus, remember to lock the wheels of your stroller, buggy or pram. And on the bus, remember to place your the stroller, buggy or pram face forward. You can see instructional videos for all the strollers, buggies and prams you can rent with us here. Please visit the website for public transport for more info on Copenhagen S-train, Metro and busses as well as the public transport in rest of Zealand.