rent Babyzen YOYO – the perfect travel stroller

the Babyzen YOYO is the ultimate travel stroller

family vacations with your children have never been easier. Just rent the perfect travel stroller with us, leave your heavy stroller and oversized pram at home. Instead pick up your Babyzen YOYO in Copenhagen Airport, CPH. And when your vacation is over, just drop it of again. It is that easy – and it is cheaper than you think!

what makes the Babyzen YOYOs so awesome?

it is handy, study, comfortable and beautiful.

the YOYO comes in two models, 0+ and 6+. The 0+ for babies and the 6+ for children from 6 months up to 4 years. Because both of them meet the size requirements for carry-on bags, you don’t have to check them in.  That means that you can bring them into the flight cabin as your child’s hand luggage* !! This means that the YOYO stays with you throughout your entire journey!

So just stroll all the way to security, fold the YOYO in just 5 seconds and put it on the conveyor belt. Once it has been scanned just fold it out again and there! Your travel companion is ready to follow you through the airport. Once you reach the gate just fold it out again with one quick motion and store in the overhead bin of the aircraft. When you land, unfold and you’re good to go.

the Babyzen YOYO 0+ for newborns and babies

because the Babyzen YOYO 0+ pram is always fully reclined, it allows your tiny family member to stay in resting position at all times. The 0+ comes with a zip-on/zip-off cover that keeps your baby warm and snug. And the a 5-point harness will keeps that little body safe inside the pram.

the Babyzen YOYO 6+ from 6 months to 4 years

the Babyzen YOYO 6+ is the ultimate stroller for babies from 6 months and up to 4 years (approx). The backrest can be set to sitting-position, so your child can see the world with you. And when nap-time comes the backrest can be reclined to let your child sleep comfortably.

babyzen YOYO as a double and twin stroller

did we mention, that you can rent Babyzen YOYO as a twin stroller and double stroller? Oh yes, they can be connected for the ultimate double- or twin stroller to match the needs of your family.

Choose two 0+ for your tiny twins, choose two 6+ for your two toddlers or choose the 0+ in combination with the 6+ to accommodate your baby and your toddler’s different needs.

The Babyzen YOYO sets come with connector clips, so it is up to you to decide when you want a double stroller, and when you want two singles. Now that’s flexible family travel.

still not sure whether to choose the Babyzen YOYO?

that’s because you haven’t tried it yet!

the Babyzen YOYOs fold up, so they can be taken anywhere. Bring it on taxis, rental cars, and all kinds of public transportation. You can navigate through narrow European streets, broad metropolitan avenues or dusty roads in Thailand with the YOYO as your sturdy and reliable travel companion. It really lets you make the most of your travels.

when your tiny explorer just wants to be held or take a walk, and there are visits to restaurants that dosn’t have room for strollers. No problem! Just fold down the Babyzen YOYO in seconds and carry it like a bag using its shoulder strap or put under your restaurant chair. When you are en need of wheels again – fold it out in one quick motion using one hand and you are good to go!

* International Air Transport Association