lost or broken stroller: what to do?

damaged stroller or lost pram?

it is surprisingly common that families arrive at their destination only to find out that the stroller they were counting on using for their vacation was damaged during the flight, or worse yet, lost altogether. Unfortunately, that is the risk that comes with bringing baby and child equipment that must be checked-in as cargo luggage.

missing baggage – what can you do?

If your baggage is missing upon arrival, a report must be filed with arrival service in the baggage claim area before you leave the airport.

if you have lost or left something at Copenhagen Airport or on the plane coming here, you can search for it in the database at MissingX.com or contact Copenhagen Police’s lost property office on tel. +45 3874 8822 or by e-mail at [email protected]

how we can help?

in case of lost or damaged baby equipment upon arrival at Copenhagen Airport, we are a budget-friendly and easy alternative standing by to help you out right now! Just visit baby-golightly.com where you can book the stroller, buggy, push chair, pram or travel bed you need. Pick up your order at Copenhagen Airport right away and you are off to begin the vacation you planned for.

next time you come to Copenhagen, simply let your expensive equipment stay at home, and rent with us instead. Simply go to baby-golightly.com, choose the equipment and the dates that suit your needs, then we will have your order ready upon your arrival at Copenhagen Airport.